Thursday, April 1, 2010

One down, one to go...

Okay, no YoT:SE, I warned you. But, thanks to lots and lots of Wild Cherry Pepsi and a couple of unabridged audiobooks, I finished the finishing on the sweater by lunch yesterday. The guess is it will fit normal girl-baby at around four to six months, which is when it starts pretending to be cold in Florida, so that's about right. Blurry cell-phone photos below; better photos will eventually follow:

Finished Surprise Baby Sweater
(the "surprise" being that I had to knit it at all!)

I threaded ribbons - blue, white and green - through the yoke.
Looks fancy, takes ten minutes.

The ribbons tie to make a pretty bow.

So, one down, one to go. Need to learn to make prettier invisible seams, but it's only the bottoms of the sleeves, and I'm probably being over-angsty about it. I have about 48h to finish half a blanket body and a ruffle-y ruffle. Wish me luck!!


  1. Well done on getting this finished in plenty of time. Good luck with the blanket

  2. Yeah! And not only is it finished but it's really sweet! You'll get the blankie finished, too...good thing it's for a baby and therefore smaller than other afghans!


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