Friday, May 2, 2008

Yarn with George, Yarn from Socks, Yarn in Video Games

Okay, so, I am knitting, and since yesterday was beautiful and sunny, here's a picture of my Lace Scarf with George. I've been working on it long enough now that I've got the pattern down without looking, and I'm about six pattern repeats on the diamond in. May have to get another skein of KPPPM, in some colors that go with this one (since it was a single), or it'll just be a little short hair-cover thingy or neckwarmer. But man, I like the colorway, and the Koigu is really nice to work with. (Unlike the tiny ball of cotton and/or linen yarn candy I'm working up as a headband right now. It tends to split if I breathe on it funny.) Anyway, here's Knitting With George, May 1 (and yes, next time, I put the knitting on the shady side, where it will actually show up):

I went ahead and signed up for the Summer of Socks! It's low-key, and I'll have fun with the Vacation Photo Contest - since I'm traveling all over creation this summer, I may have multiple entries (I'll have to see if that's allowed). I should manage to get at least two pairs done over the summer, right? Hopefully, one of them *won't* be the Sekrit Projikt socks, because I'd really like them done SOON. I'll be taking them with me as my ride-along and ONLY project on the upcoming road-trip to see the Nepieces - so I should have lots of little sock-parts, and a better understanding of Getting Socks to Work The Way I Want. Still debating toe-up vs. toe-down. Anyway, if you wanna join the Summer of Socks 2008, just clicky!

And while we're on the subject of Things to Do With Free Time (like knitting socks), I'm a Peggle addict. I downloaded the "free download", and discovered I liked the on-line version better - but at least I got a screenshot of Cat Tut holding forth on a subject near and dear to us all - YARN! See?

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  1. I was just thinking how much I miss knitting socks. They are so portable. However, I have way more going right now than I'll ever finish. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with your scraf.


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