Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition - Week 19

The project: Knitting all the stitches in's Stitch Directory.
The yarn: Anything you want. I'm using a Phentex "Monster Ball of Yarn" (32 oz. 100% acrylic), which won't block, but will give good stitch definition.
The needles: Again, whatever you want that goes with your yarn. I'm using my beloved Lantern Moon size 7s, because they're pretty.
Why this is happening: Because lots of people want to learn new stitches this year!
This week's stitch: #67 Open Honeycomb

I got the number of swatches (plus 1!) that I wanted finished in August done last week... and this will be the last swatch, most likely, until the end of HPKCHC Fall Term. (I'll try to do a few, but there's going to be a LOT of knitting over the next three months!). I did want to at least put something up for the last week in August, so I'd actually have positive numbers contributing to the weekly average in all four weeks!

I ended (as usual) with six rows of seed stitch after last time, so Open Honeycomb can start right away! This pattern is done over "any odd number" of stitches, so I'll kick up to 17 stitches. That means 7 seed stitches before, and 6 after, each RS row. It's a four row repeat, but I'm going to switch it up a bit. The first three repeats are as written, then there are four rows of seed stitch, then I'm also reversing it - instead of purl row, purl row, pattern row, purl row, I'm doing knit row, knit row, p2tog-yo to end, end on p, knit row. So, I have a total of 28 rows, then five more rows of seed stitch (the next pattern starts on the wrong side).

What I noticed about this pattern: If I'd thrown in an extra row (or taken one out) of seed stitch between the two so I was starting on the wrong side, I think my results would've shown better that yes, when starting on the wrong side, doing my "altered" pattern gets you the same thing! It depends on whether you prefer to knit or purl.

Right Side

Wrong Side

Well, that's it for a while. As I said, I hope I'll get a few more swatches done over the next three months - but it's more likely that between terms (December) is when the next big bunch will be knitted. See you then!
A note on the whole project: Since there are 131 stitch patterns (some are listed under multiple headings), plus 7 different edgings in's Stitch Directory, I'll be trying to do two to three stitches a week, minimum. This should get everyone a goodly number of new stitches by the end of the year, and hopefully get me a blanket. No worries if you "fall behind" or "start late" - this is for fun & education, there isn't *really* a time limit of any sort on it. If you're just discovering this project, this link will take you to the beginning, and this link will pull up all the related entries. Just knit on, and have fun!

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