Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[Insert colorful & unusual cursing here.]

No normal update today: There was trauma.

There was a MOUSE nest in my yarn.

Which is ruined. All other yarn is down where it can be seen and examined. (So far, everything else is fine.) I've had it with rodents. I am traumatized. STEPS WILL BE TAKEN. Before any more yarn is lost!!

(Seriously, we'd gotten all the little buggers out of the house - it's probably a really, really old nest in the one yarn bag I didn't zip properly. But STILL. TRAUMA.)


  1. Oy! That's terrible. I would be traumatized too!

  2. I was too!! EVERYTHING in the house has been moved around, checked, disinfected (just because), and RODARs are all over the house. ("They" say we just need one for a house our size - but I'm not taking any chances. We got three.) Haven't heard anything but the occasional squirrel running across the roof, and even *those* aren't hanging around like they used to.

    Little creatures can live their lives out without any interference from me - unless they mess with my yarn!


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