Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Less soda, more yarn.

OOOOPS!!! Just noticed that, I guess, today is my Blogiversary. I totally forgot to pay attention to my countdown... drat. I was gonna do stuff this year. Oh well, next year, maybe I'll remember?

So, I would just like to say that I'm being really, really good. I haven't had caffeine - or a fountain soda, or any soda (!!!) - for over a week now. As a result, this is my excuse for the forgetting-my-Blogiversary thing. I also haven't had fast food (what's the point?), I've mysteriously lost weight, and I haven't charged anything.

I did, however, have a $10 coupon, plus a 25% off EVERYTHING YOU BUY coupon from A.C. Moore, and all the cash that I didn't spend on breakfasts, lunches, or dinners at fast food places. So, I decided to get a few things.

The original plan was to go in and buy some needles for my upcoming O.W.L.; I don't have sufficient numbers of size 9s to do it as fast as I'll have to. Turns out, that's not so much an issue, since the yarn that required the size 9 needles doesn't work (more on that later). So, I decided to, just maybe, get a wee little bit of yarn.

See, the yarn for my O.W.L., while lovely, didn't work. The pattern really calls for a "heavy worsted" - i.e., bulky - yarn. I found the exact color I wanted! Yes, it's acrylic. It's OK. If you've followed along with the Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition project, you'll see that I can do cables in acrylic just fine, and, as an extra bonus, I won't have to do the waist-shaping mods I'd been planning. Since acrylic doesn't block, the cables will always pull in a bit! I'm going to swatch this week, to see if I can get enough yarn - I may have not quite enough.

Then there was this cool stuff:

It looks kinda like Kauni, and since a Kauni Cardigan (with the real yarn) is on my List of Things To Knit For My O.W.L.s (I think it was for Transfiguration, since steeks are involved). To see if I like the color-change effect at all, I'm going to try making a simple in-pattern "two color" scarf .

Then, my wonderful husband helped me overcome my Fear of PayPal, and I finally got the pattern for the Friendship Star Lapghan, which I wanted to crochet the first time I saw it. It's a nice combo of looks-like-quilting-but-it's-really-crochet, except there *is* piecing of a sort involved. Anyway, here's my yarn:

Last up, I had previously gotten some lovely Sky blue Yowza! to knit myself an Owls Sweater.

That's some pretty yarn there. And it'll make a lovely sweater... but not an Owls. Because this wonderful, iridescent, fuzzy-soft coppery lovelystuff is going to be my Owls!!

Not a bad haul, at all - and I *still* had $26 and change when I left the store! Wow, if I'd realized how much yarn I was actually able to afford, I might've given up fountain soda - and all the attendant eating out that went with it - a long time ago!!

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