Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One down, six to go.... or is it seven?

Third day of Exploding SNAP, and I've got some progress. I managed to locate most of the projects involved, and got one item checked off the list, item #3, "Locate and frog Secret of the Stole #1 (attempt #2)."



I really, REALLY love the finished design of this stole. I also really love the yarn - but after trying (and failing) to knit this stole with this yarn, I realize it's not going to work. So, after waiting over TWO YEARS to decide one way or the other, it's finally frogged!! I used a slightly heavier weight for Secret of the Stole #2, and it was amazing - so I may have to hit up Sanguine Gryphon for some more Gaia Lace... and then decide what I *am* going knit with my lovely Pistachio Claudia's Hand Painted Silk Lace.

Here's Item #4, my Forget-Me-Not shawl. Here it is at the starting point, and I ran a lifeline on this row so I'd know where I started:

This is Item #7, the Dragon Illusion Blanket. I have a lot further to go on this thing than I thought - I'd've sworn I was almost to the end of the first page of pattern (yes, it's original; yes, I'm insane), and yet I'm not. Sigh.

I still haven't located Item #2, my peacock-blue beaded super-fine mohair scarf, but as projects go, it's the tiniest ever, and it's probably hidden in the pocket of a bag somewhere. I may or may not find it before the end of the month, but I'm going to try!


  1. Oh I am so glad you finally got that SOTS II off the needles and ready to use for something else, as well as the other projects. It is such a shame to see yarn sitting there just waiting to become something beautiful while it is stuck in a UFO dimension of another project. Keep posting...I am not posting much right now, but am living through all the busy work you are doing, instead...LOL

  2. Oh, no worries on the posting - it's keeping me going through Hell Month right now! (Note: it's only the second business day of August, and already I know - Hell Month.)

    I think the next Project Yarn I'll be actively searching for is something for a proper Guenivere... that should keep me hunting for a wee bit (since I'm going to want the same sort of colors, just a *wee* bit thicker... and a bit less silky/more wooly...). I really *do* want a version of that stole one of these years!

  3. The silk is really gorgeous! I'm glad it will have a second chance at something.


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