Monday, August 30, 2010

MM - Week Two

Well, I did stuff. I've got about half the questions answered, I've got my report outlined (AGAIN - but I like the way I've set it up this time a bit better). I got more top-loading sleeves - these with little protection-flaps so things don't fall out. (I'm worried that somewhere high over Kansas, my little folder will 86 itself off a transport jet and plummet to earth, scattering my swatches to the four winds as it falls.) This isn't terribly exciting, really; there's not much by the way of pictures to show. Yet - I managed to come up with something:

To compensate, I will now show you THREE spiffy books that arrived in the mail from rockinsticks on Saturday! She had a contest, and I won! Woohoo! I was only expecting one book - and instead, I got three - and CHOCOLATE!!! (Thank you again, J!!!!) Just click on the photo below to see how to purchase one of your own, if you're interested...

Pretty cool, eh? I'm having a lot of fun figuring out what things I can make from each for HPKCHC this term!!

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