Monday, May 3, 2010

Masters Monday: Limping to the finish line...

Okay. This week, Stuff Happened.

  1. MONDAY.
    Swatches finished, swatches in binder. All 16.
    Hat blocked, hat finished, pompom attached.

    Worried that hat grew during blocking, which would suck, since I knit it exactly to gauge. Wet-blocked hat. It *does* look much better after blocking; the stitches line up all pretty. I just really hope it didn't grow. (I measured, and it said it didn't, but I don't trust it.)

    First tried to block flat; that Did Not Work Well.
    Pattern proofed, reknit just to check, and put in binder with Swatch #15.
    Swatches measured. Several times. Math accomplished, but only with computerized aid. (As it turns out, I'd done all the math correctly, but I like confirmation!)
    Tags outlines written, address stickers put on tags.
    Many tag refrences added to tags Very Carefully, since I don't want to make more tags.
    Hat stuffed in binder thanks to Zip-Loc(tm) technology and a three-hole punch.

    I measured, and it hadn't grown,
    but I swear it fit better before I blocked it!

    Tag made for hat-bag, just in case hat and sheet separated.
    Spotted blanks in questions; of six pages of questions, two are completely finished and in binder.
    Decided Vogue Quick Reference isn't super-helpful other than as, well, a quick reference - and for bind-offs.
    Checked that copy of original Masters Packet and current Yarn Standards in binder. Did not put them in page protectors, since I reference them on-line more than in paper form.
    Two-gallon zip-lock bag stolen from three-hole-punch, binder with hat tested to see if it fits in bag. It does!!
  5. FRIDAY.
    Did nothing during the day as I expected, due to Extreme Tireds.
    Totally distracted by the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup (henceforth HPKCHC), O.W.L. proposal, and hotties in the Slytherin common room (don't ask). Classes started, or at least plotted about, and there's the Slytherin tea cozy confabulation ... anyway, maybe more will get done this week, maybe not.
  7. SUNDAY.
    See Saturday. Sigh.
Gotta get my tail in gear on this stuff!!


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