Friday, May 7, 2010

Here's the yarn pr0n I promised you...

First, I'm almost all set for the Headmistress's Challenge for this term (four tiny bookscarves). I picked up everything but black and silver perle cotton - I got possible substitutes, but really, black and silver will get used anyway in needlework, if not these little book scarves. Anyway, these are ready to go, and I'll start knitting at some point this weekend. I have until the end of the term to get these to the Headmistress.

Then, since I worked pretty hard this week, I was allowed to go at 3pm (since all my lawyers had already left!). This meant I ran like heck for the bus, and within half an hour, I....

...wandered into Fibre Space on a mission: Yarn for three Jayne hats, in three different sets of colors. (If you don't know what a 'Jayne Hat' is, add the full series of the much-loved SF pretty-much-a-cult-now show Firefly to your Netflix queue RIGHT NOW.) I should also add that these hats will me my Official "Regular" Quidditch project; Team Firsties (whatever our actual name is; the vote is being tallied today) has chosen the theme of "Warm" - things that warm or warm the heart - for its Quidditch projects; in Regular Quidditch, a player can make up to three projects, for fifteen points each. I'm making three, for the max of 45 points, because SLYTHERIN RULES.


Back to the store. Cascade 220 not being readily on hand, I opted for some scrumptious Spud & Chloe Sweater worsted. Great colors, great depth, a good weight. Yarn - and DARNIT FIFTEEN HAD BETTER BE ENOUGH size 10.5 DPNs - were acquired. Then I scurried home to take photos for your viewing pleasure.

So, here's the colors for the first hat, darkest to lightest:

Rootbeer, Chipmunk, and Grass

Those two little balls in the center are me winding a ball from each end of the skein on the train, since I'll be doubling the yarn to knit. This was not my best idea ever. Moving right along...

The second hat is all blues:

Lake, Moonlight, and Splash

Two by two, with hands of blue.... Oh, come on, I had to... anyway:

The third and final hat, the REAL Jayne hat, is gonna be made with:

Firecracker, Pollen, and [I kid you not!] FIREFLY!!!

It couldn't get any more It-Was-Meant-To-Be!!

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