Friday, May 21, 2010

Long-ago project #1994-3

Out sick again today, just not having any luck on the allergy front. Yesterday was a big game of “stump the doctor”; today is resting, Saturday is More Doctor. Sigh.

Since I’m mostly not doing anything of note, I discovered an ancient project of mine:

This tissue box cover was lovingly crafted for my mom years and years ago in the middle of most of my Macroeconomics lectures in B-school out west. (I did a cross-stitched 23rd Psalm for my grandmother in Statistics; I did half an Arcadian Angel that still isn’t done in Marketing. My professors figured out pretty quickly that yes, I COULD stitch and still pay attention!

More knitting (hopefully) on Monday, when I (also hopefully) feel better. Really looking forward to the no-pollen season of "winter" now...!

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