Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Visit from the Crochet Fairy

Early this morning, the Crochet Fairy snuck into my workplace, and left little tapestry bags for all the girls in/teaching the crochet class here. Each contained an H hook and two balls of "Black Dazzle" Patons Silverlash (#81040), plus, hey, a little tapestry bag tied with orange and white curly ribbons. Because the Crochet Fairy really likes both "orange" and "curly ribbon".

The Crochet Fairy expects to spend a good chunk of the morning finding good - and basic - scarf patterns to distribute to the girls, as well. (With the hope that they'll have time, now that Taxes are done, to find stuff on the internet themselves.)

The Crochet Fairy: Because nothing will get someone hooked on a craft like free balls of yarn.

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