Friday, April 4, 2008

Plans for the Weekend

Thought for the day, gakked from Yarnardent @ Ravelry (on the Changes 2008 board) - (anyone know the original source?):
When does a WIP (work in progress) become a UFO (unfinished object)?

It starts out as a WHIMM (work hidden in my mind). After a FART (fiber acquisition road trip) and some SEX (stash enhancing experience), it becomes a PIG (project in a grocery bag). The PIG becomes a HISY (haven’t I started yet?) and once you have a HISY-fit and begin, it becomes a WIP!

The WIP becomes a UFO as soon as another WHIMM occurs that drags your attention away from your current WIP.

Repeat process.
So, I was looking at the thing-I-want-to-start-next (assuming, of course, I finish something soon), and decided that since the corner of my house is almost too cold to knit in (!!), I really need a set of long armwarmers.

Almost too cold to knit!

Naturally, I'm doing the "Snowball's Chance" ones, and discovered that they're much easier than I thought: just fitted arms, and duplicate stitch. As it's been over a year since I duplicate-stitched anything, I decided to find some on-line help, and discovered a tutorial at Bella Knitting. Quick, easy, good photos. (And I should add that the yarn for them accidentally followed me home from my weekly drop-in on Jess at Stitch DC. Convenient, that!)
yay i cn hz ARMWARMZ!

In serious news, it's now the second quarter of the calendar year, so it's time to review the UFO stats. This time around, I decided to see what sort of projects I had that were so-many-years old, just to see if there were any trends (other than starting things I haven't finished yet) over the past decade and a half.

19963 1    
1999   1   
2000 1     
20013   11 
2002   1   
2004     22
20054  1 3 
200651   3 
200711 2  3
2008      3

Well, it appears that I tend to start more cross-stitch and not finish it, mostly because the pieces left are large and non-portable, and knitting/crochet have more of an Instant Gratification factor. Plus, they don't need framing. The latch hook project (all one of it) needs to be restarted anyway, so when I can get to it, I may just pull the one or two rows done and fold it up for another decade. The crochet from long ago is a pure-white afghan done fillet-style with the family name and a big heart in the center. If I've made it through the name, I'll keep going; if not, I'm going to pull it out. Actually, I'm going to pull it out anyway: pure white afghans in my house are a BAD idea.

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