Monday, April 21, 2008

It's all about the Photographs

I have to find a Luxurious Yarn Photographing Spot.
I have some lovely stash (as I'm re-discovering), and it deserves its day in the sun on Ravelry. But really good yarn photos need really good, interesting yarn photo locales. (Heck, any photo needs a good background and composition. The only reason people might knit my Really Simple Top-Down Mitts is because the photo that goes with the patterns is GOOD.) Some people have lovely stone walls they use; one woman uses the beach (with artfully draped contrasting towel to protect the yarn); my favorite involves the creative use of contrasting cats (although how the cat hair gets out of the yarn later, I have no clue. Then again, it's probably just a preventative measure: if high-contrast cat hair is gonna get in the yarn, you might as well get it in there early.). I could hang hanks of yarn off the wysteria trellis... but the wysteria would probably eat it (heaven knows it tries to eat people every chance it gets).

As it is, I use that old knitterly standby, the Bathroom Mirror. Please note that the bathroom is small, so getting a shot of an entire sweater is more of a challenge than I care for:

This sweater was a gift for my birthday last year. It's silk (ooooo!), and really soft, and really comfortable. I was thinking of making another of these sweaters... and then it dawned on me that I don't really like the fit. But without pictures, I wouldn't have known this, since in all other ways, it's my very favorite sweater.

I really need a better place to get photographs of me in my knitting. *sigh*

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  1. I feel you. I wish I had a family member who could help me with the pictures, but my husband has a talent for making me look angry and double-chinned in every photo.


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