Monday, April 7, 2008

Things accomplished (and not)

The exciting news: Squee! I'm a *moderator* on the Changes 2008 Raverly group. (I really have no idea what magic powers this gives me, but *squee*, there I am, listed at the bottom of the group page!)

Well, stuff happened over the weekend. On Friday, I wrote the following list, as incentive, so I'd have to do *some* of the things on it, or feel quite ashamed before y'all.
"In no particular order of importance, I:
  1. got a Netflix account;
  2. took a bunch of things I just don't have room for to the Salvation Army;
  3. scattered grass seed over the patchy bits of our lawn;
  4. sent fancy electronics off on the first leg of their journey to Michigan;
  5. cleared off the floors of three rooms in the house;
  6. set up my drawing desk; and
  7. started going through the stash room - or, rather, started getting things moved around so I could actually get in the stash room.
Oh, something about "laundry" and "bathroom cleaning", too. And there was a slight project hiccup, but I can blame that on Yarn.

Three-headed daffodil,
just because it's cool.

Now, what actually happened:
  1. Didn't get NetFlix account, but did at least figure out my queue for when I get one;
  2. Did get stuff to the SA, and *also* got FIFTY-NINE books donated to the library (their big fundraiser sale is next week);
  3. Did nothing with the lawn, as it was on-and-off rainy all weekend;
  4. cleared a *lot* of floor in all three rooms - almost finished the front room, got about a third of the middle, and half the back. And this was with working all weekend!;
  5. Got the boxes for the electronics dealt with and out of the attic, plus another large box;
  6. set up my drawing desk
  7. did ten loads of laundry, and still have another ten to go (yeah, it builds up over time, I guess);
  8. Did NOTHING with the stash room.

Now, what this means... I got a TON of stuff done, including knitting half my nutkin sock, and a good chunk of the finger part of my ninja mitten (Sock yarn on Size 0 needles? Why did I think that was a good idea???). I rassled with starting my own Go Fly a Kite Shawl, and managed to *not* start it by cleaving unto my unfinished Nutkin sock. I realized that I have THREE huge Martha Stewart sturdy laundry baskets FULL of stash in the middle room. I have no way of getting this stash into the stash room, however, as it is full - or anywhere I could put it is beyond reach of my two-and-a-half-foot long arms. (This is why the Stash Room will be on the list of things to deal with for quite some time.)

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