Friday, April 25, 2008

Scavenger Hunting!

Whee! The fun never stops!

The "Changes, 2008" group on Ravelry (support for keeping all those New Year's resolutions going, and a great group of folks to boot) is doing a photo scavenger hunt! I'm having SERIOUS amounts of fun accosting strangers and having them hold a tiny ball of yarn with pointy sticks, leaving said ball of yarn here and there to photograph it, and trying to remember where the *heck* in my neighborhood I've seen an actual Garden Gnome.

I hope to have my ten (or more) photos taken by the end of Sunday. We're supposed to put them in a group on flickr, but I've already filled up my three allowed group slots (and I'm not gonna give flickr money; that's what PhotoBucket is for), so I'll actually be putting them up over on my *other* journal, behind a cut (since it's photos) and leave it unlocked for a week or so. I thought about putting them here, but it would take Many Pages, and the lj-syndication would take over people's entire friendspages (not that this column doesn't from time to time as it is).

As a preview, though, I give you my Work-in-Progress (an arrowhead headband made from Yarn Candy) and a Flowering Tree (a Pink Dogwood):

Now, the real fun is that the first few photos are of a Ball of Yarn Candy. Then you'll get to see the progress of the headband as I go along, and, hopefully, *it* will be my last required photo (me wearing a FO). Wheeeee!

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  1. Ooh--that scavenger hunt sounds like great fun!

    And I loooove the pink dogwood! We're in the midst of dogwood season here in good-ole Virginia, and I love it. We only have white ones, although one isn't quite white...more like a weird yellow-green color, at our house. We hope to move "up" to the pretty pink ones.

    Have fun scavenging!



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