Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kauni: Just Say No (today, anyway)

I Will Not Buy Kauni Yarn today. Won't, won't, won't!! I *have* to finish one of the... lessee.... Tailored Scallops I, Tailored Scallops II, Titania, The Cat Sweater, The Stoplight Sweater... FIVE sweaters I've got on needles right now before I even THINK of getting any Kauni yarn. Because if I get it, I'm going to go totally mad and start Alice Starmore's "Henry VIII" (here's a pic of Wendy Johnson's finished product, which made me scamper out and track down my own copy of Tudor Roses. I *have* yarn to make it, but I'd have to rework the gauge, and it's cotton, since I didn't tolerate wool then, and wouldn't it just be SPECTACULAR in rainbow Kauni, using the method Wendy used for her Lismore (pic here)?

Besides, I'm back on a cross-stitch kick right now. Here's my progress (all three days of it) on my new Michael Powell kit (love, love love his stuff!), "Mini Cottages II".

Yes, it looks vaguely like there might be houses in there somewhere, but wait until I have enough down to start the backstitching. Then it *really* pops!!

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  1. I love cross stitch! I can't wait to see more of this piece.


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