Friday, April 11, 2008

Injuries that inhibit my crafting...

If anyone is ever at a loss for something to get me, might I suggest a skein or two of Adorn Sock Yarn from Three Irish Girls in whatever colorway you think might strike my fancy? (Honest. I didn't see one there I wouldn't adore.)

I need to find some dyes that will work on the lovely fluffy fiber my friend Doc got me for my birthday. (I just found it again... wheee!) I'll be doing, I hope, long pools of blue and orange, broken by a bit of white, and it should make a yummy-warm sweater or shawl for my BroncosCountry icon photo.

Yes, today it's all about the Bright Colors. (The camera phone just doesn't do justice to the brightness of the turquoise in the following photo.)

See, I finished my socks, and realized my "sister's" wedding is in a bit over two months. The plan is to knit a light- to medium-weight cover-up for over the sleeveless dress I'll be wearing. The colors are Turquoise and Chocolate. Fortunately, Feza's "Fanatic" comes in EXACTLY that colorway. I give you the back of "Tailored Scallops" from Lace Style:

I must now add that I got this done in one day, since I took a day off work for a mid-day doctor's appointment, was chauferred around to Many Other Places, and thus had a ton of time to knit. On the downside: I have Exactly Enough Yarn... and we all know what that means. I'll be calling Alynn's at lunch to see if they have One More Ball. On the other downside, the doc says my rotator cuff is screwed up, so I have to "be careful" about knitting. He suggested "cross-stitch" as an alternative, since the off arm doesn't really move. I reminded him that he knew that because of the Frozen Shoulder Incident of 2001, where I went to a cross-stitch retreat, locked my shoulder in place for 16h a day for three days, and came home with side pain, inability to breathe without pain, and radiating shooting shoulder pain (aka, presented at the ER with heart attack symptoms, and it even took THEM a couple of hours to figure out that no, I'd just managed to lock my shoulder in such a way that my body couldn't unlock it).

He nodded, and suggested nice, long walks. *sigh*

Over the weekend, I'll try to post pics of all my Consolation Shopping...


  1. Sorry about the shoulder. I'm really enjoying embroidery for the summer months ahead. It's always nice not to have a heap of wool on my lap when it's hot.

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    Then go to "add page element" and it will be available for you.

    I'm only about 1/3 of the way through adding my daily reads. If you use google reader, they will upload your whole list for you. I should have known feedburner was the wrong choice. Dang.

    Email me if this didn't make sense. alexcateye at msn. com

  2. Given the weather today, I think a walk is a great idea! Hope you're able to find a way to manage everything!


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