Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Project Check-In: two new things!

Okay, so, there may have been a little bit of a fall-down on the knitting front. I did do at least one stripe on the SmarTrip scarf, and I finished a square (and a stripe!) of the Monster Stitch Directory Sampler Blanket Thing. But that's about it. I blame my friend JJ, who handed me this on Sunday:

Of course, I knew how I wanted to stitch it, which required a field trip, since I didn't have any red velvet thread lying about. Said field trip required a really, really long bus ride on Tuesday, during which I was able to finish all the cross-stitch on this, started on Sunday:

So pretty! I don't dare do the beading on the bus.

The field trip was to The Point of It All - conveniently located near the Freindship Heights Metro station on the Red Line. This is my favorite store for canvas, although it's a pip to get to since the office moved. (I used to be able to squeak in a trip on my lunch hour; I tried this time, and even though we're only six blocks south, it took an extra 50 minutes!) I got all these pretties:

Including these two, which I hadn't tried before.

Vineyard Silk
Silk & Ivory by Brown Paper Packages

The original idea was to finish up the Scots Santa by Sunday, and surprise JJ with it. While I have no doubts about it being finished in time (canvas is probably the fastest thing I do besides crochet), I have some doubts about seeing her. Something about possibly TWO FEET of snow in DC (or more!) - with at least a foot GUARANTEED! I expect the Federal Government to be closed Monday, and local schools for most of the week!

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