Monday, February 15, 2010

.. and it didn't snow (much)!

A little late (okay, twelve hours late) today, due to actually getting ten days worth of errands and things done all in one day, today. Exhibit A:

That's my street. This is the best it's been for the past ten days. Note there isn't PAVEMENT or anything, just that nice sheet of ice. The "secondary roads" around here are fine (we finally left the house today, as you can tell from the photo), but our little 'burb? NOT.

Getting to work tomorrow isn't going to be fun - but we're REALLY not looking forward to the drive home. It took my husband (and several others from the neighborhood) 6h to get home - because the bus driver forgot to tell them he wasn't ACTUALLY going to drive the bus route - that someone else drove just fine that morning.

Srsly, glad the snow is stopped!

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