Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, I make charts.

This is my offical chart of Planning for Classes for this (and last... and next, I suppose) month. Part of the SS1stClass is making sure to take every class offered during the term at least once. Assuming I finish everything I want to THIS month, I can take any six classes next month with no worries I missed one.

So far, I've finished Gerald the Groundhog, the TARDIS dishcloth, the Tiny Redskins Sweater:

Started the Slytherin Scarf, the Hooty Hat, and the Illusion Mittens.

Not sure it's working... sigh.

I've got my One Fish, Two Fish ready to turn in next Tuesday, I'm doing OK on my OWL and my Order Mission. The Bunny Nugget Army is growing apace. I should have the finishing done on the TKGA Hat done soon, too.

I was originally going to let the big crazy take the form of the Illusion Things:

Yeah, that's for elbow-length illusion gloves done in laceweight yarn on size 0 needles. I managed to talk myself out of that, and go with worsted-weight wool on size 5s - should be finished this month. I really need to stop listening to the crazy knitting voices...!

Since it's Friday, have a bunny!!

More pics of the Mitts That Don't Quite Work


  1. Silly me, I thought that was a Hogwarts Sweater :-)

  2. What's wrong with the mitts, why don't they quite work? I think they look wonderful.

  3. They actually work great as mitts, but the little hearts didn't POP quite the way I wanted. I ended up doing another pattern on the second glove (which also wasn't quite how I wanted it) - either way, they're nice and warm to use for typing at work, where I sit under a COLD VENT!!

  4. That's weird that they didn't pop. Was it just a bad pattern? I've had friends have issues with bad patterns not popping quite right.

  5. Well, it was my own pattern, so my fault. I didn't use enough "pixels" for the hearts the first time, and definitely not enough for the Doom Goat chart - but had the limit of "small hand size" as the canvas. I'm eventually going to do a larger Doom Goat, and that should rock!!


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