Wednesday, February 22, 2012

High-Visibility Owls

Got an unexpected badge for Detention this month (the One Fish, Two Fish)! If I'd been paying more attention, I would've seen that there were badges in addition to the 10 points, but I wasn't, so it was a really nice surprise.

I also got this badge:

... for making a Highly-Visible Owl Cup Cozie. (Yep, I had a small ball of high-visibility yellow sock yarn that I scored... years ago, with the plan to make something Usefully Visible out of it. And since I keep losing the cup cozies I make, this just seemed PERFECT.) Also works as a wrist cozy!

And then, to my surprise and delight, I recieved the coveted Truly Terrifying badge for my Tale of Knitterly Horror:

The tale that goes with it is just Too Scary to relate here. A fairisle sweater purposely unraveled by the recipient was involved.



  1. Why in the world would someone unravel a fairisle sweater? That's horrible.
    Also, yeah, my New Years' resolution is a hard one, they both are. But my boyfriend has mandated the yarn diet, because I have three giant rubbermade containers and a laundry hamper full. And as for the not casting on things, I hadn't done anything with the shawl I'm working on now for over a year, after having done one repeat. So it's time to get some things finished.

  2. I suggest of Scarf of Doom for using up weird leftover scraps quickly. You're only "allowed" to spend 2.5h on it, and use the biggest needles you have. I got some of the "I'm never using this, and no one would want it" stuff - and it actually turned out really fun!

    (Plus, using up scraps helps with the whole "See, I'm Working From My Stash!" thing, so the diet can end faster.)


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