Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When I grow up, I wanna be...

For the Second Challenge in Quidditch, we were supposed to answer the question "Where do I see myself five years from now?" I decided my answer was "As a Master Knitter in The Knitting Guild Association!" I'm on Level One now, and have been for two years - because I keep getting stopped by The Dreaded Hat. So, time to get over it and just make the hat once and for all. So, I did!

I haven't measured it for gauge yet. It should be spot-on, but I'll have to do it again (that'll be the fifth attempt, although this is still the first FINISHED attempt) if it isn't. But it looks okay, and it fits well, so it should be good. I also like the way I was able to fold the i-cord loops so each one folds over the next one - sorta Celtic-knot-ish.

But it's done!! I found my swatches; I just need to block everything, finish a few questions, and finish my blocking report, and I... *gulp!!*... will be ready to send it off to the Examiners!!! Eeeeeeek!!!

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