Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay, so, I keep yarn scraps in my desk at work. So far, I've used them about six times. Lifelines, just need a bit of color, whatever. It's been useful, I tell you!!

(Stop looking at me like that.)

Anyway, I keep lots of yarn scraps. Half-balls of this, tiny smidges of thatk, and while I do use them from time to time, their numbers have been increasing at an alarming rate, and some of it... well, some of it looked unlikely to EVER be used.

Enter the Scarf of Doom.

Step one: at 9pm on the night before you're gonna knit, grab five random things out of your stash.

I grabbed a few more, since the thinner yarns needed to be held triple. And I had no idea I had blue-purple-pompom-with-black-eyelash yarn in my stash until I pulled it out of the Bag O' Scraps.

Then, the next morning (at a suitably hideously early hour), cast on:

Then you've got 2.5h to knit as much as you can. This is about an hour in:

Now this was all started over on, home of the amazing Deadly Knitshade. Well, the spreading through the internet was started there. The actual tale that spawned the Scarf of Doom can be found on her blog here, complete with link to the pattern so you can make your very own Scarf of Doom, and there's some follow-up here, and all together, it's a bunch of knitterly awesomesauce!

Oh, and just so you know I finished, here's mine:

Here's a close-up, so you get a good view of the actual fibers involved. 100% synthetic, I assure you!

It's gonna be the other valance in my craft room. (The first valance being my over-seven-foot-long Clapotis. If I'm not going to wear it often, it might as well be out where I can see it!)

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