Thursday, February 9, 2012

Radiance Shawl progress

So, last weekend, I started my Order Mission, the Radiance Shawl!

As of last Monday (and a hella lotta knitting over the weekend, lemme tell you!!), I made it to row 105, aka 20%. The were then up to 250+ stitches, and taking a lot longer to knit. And there is NOTHING tricky about this pattern - it's knit, purl, yo and k2tog for the most part (there might be some ssk later). It's designed to go quickly, which is why I figured I'd be able to do it in the six to eight weeks proscribed by an Order Mission.

Here it is today... and not too terribly much further along. I'm totally blaming Detention, and all the classes that got posted last Wednesday that I totally had to start knitting ASAP, as evident from my Gerald the Groundhog last Thursday.

It's at 30% now, exactly, and I have six more weeks for it. (And the OWL. And the classes. And all the Quidditch. GAH!!)

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