Friday, February 3, 2012

Things at my parents' house

Since it's Groundhog Day... wait, what do you mean it's February 3? It seems like it was the 2nd forever... anyway, it's a good time to look into the past a bit. Since I was at my parents' house this past weekend, I took some photos of stuff I'd done in ages past. I think showing off your daughter's needlework is probably the grown-up version of pictures I drew stuck on the fridge...
My first and only bit of successful crewel, originally done for my mom's mom back in the 80s. I framed it myself, too, and was very proud of it.

First of a set of four I started in law school. I finished this one (Spring), and I'm about halfway done with the second one (Summer). I've been out of law school for quite a while.

Done when I first moved back east (after aforementioned law school), and one of my first samplers. Mom totally stole it, but that's OK.

A commemerative needleroll from a stitching camp in Ocean City, in October, 2001.

I'm going to guess that the cross-stitch bug started being replaced by the knitting bug not too long thereafter. I have finished some cross-stitch in the last few years, but it's mostly things I started earlier. I should pick one or two things and try to get some more cross stitch off The List!

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