Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quidditch - Done (for 90 points!)

Quidditch draws to a close today, and what a season it was! The House Pride Exhibitions yielded some really wonderful projects from all the Houses, and the regular game was just plain COOL. I ended up scoring six goals total, which gains Slytherin 90 points. Woohoo! The sixth and final was for these armwarmers, which I just made up on the fly:

They fit from about thumb to elbow on me, which is what I wanted - wristwarmers that stop at the wrist don't actually warm my wrists. But since they're longer than wrist-lenght glove things, they're armwarmers instead. Just not really *long* armwarmers.

It's basically two rectangles, with buttonholes placed on either side of the silver stripes. I'll try to get a pattern up in December (add it to the list of patterns I'm hoping to get up in December)!!

Woohoo! Quidditch is done for the term - now I can worry about finishing up my classes and my O.W.L.!!

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