Monday, November 22, 2010

Herbology - Done!

I actually got an entire weekend this week, by some miracle - well, not so much a miracle as a super-annoying allergy outburst *last* Saturday, which turned into getting my shot on Tuesday evening, instead of Saturday as planned. So, while I lost Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday to histamine fog (I clearly went to work, I just don't remember most of it), I got All Day Saturday. Woohoo!

It started early, too, with eye appointments for me and my husband at 8:00 am. I've been having trouble seeing (moreso than usual), as the last "new" pair of glasses I got at a doc-in-a-box eye place never really worked for me. So, back to the guys that have been taking care of me since I was a kid (well, one of them, anyway; the other is retired, and the "new kid" is now in his late 30s). New glasses are in the offing, and as they were able to replace the lenses in my old pair "while I waited" - for all of five minutes - the "seeing" thing is already working much better! I can see leaves on trees again!

In knitting news, this was the Weekend of the Bunnies. I had four bunny-skins knitted up by Tuesday (tiny brown, patterned beige, cream, and giant-sized grey and green), so I needed to (a) make them ears, (b) sew and stuff them, and (c) add additional features as required. the Giant Happy Slytherbunny! This is my Charms homework this month. It wasn't going to be, originally, but I put up a poll in the Snake Pit:
Okay, Snakes, some help here with my Herbology assignment…

I could (a) cast on and make my husband a stuffed trilobite (he's a Girl Genius fan and total madboy);


I could (b) finish the giant grey-and-green square that will fold into a Giant Happy Bunny for the back of my car window since for some reason the Giant Flying Happy Bunny that was in my car migrated to my husband's car and refuses to come back.

The Traitor

So - (a) {hit "educational"} or (b) {hit "interesting"}

The vote was 11-to-1 in favor of making the Giant Happy Slytherbunny, so really, I had to, and here he is! He's made from Lion Brand's "Hometown USA" yarn with size 13 needles, and is over a foot long from nose to fluffy tail. He's about 50% larger than Giant Flying Happy Bunny, and took an entire half-bag of polyfill stuffing.



front - Happy!

I'll still be making my husband the Trilobite toy for Christmas, but I'll be doing it during December, when there's not quite so much time pressure on me to produce class items, Challenge rabbits, and my O.W.L!

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