Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Week Left to Knit....

From here on in, it's All About the O.W.L. For most of November (until the 14th, to be precise), I've been avoiding my Herbology O.W.L. Slytherin needs the 100 points we'd get if I finish, and we need it badly. (I've tried to get as many points this term as I personally can, y'all know that!) There are some sleeve problems I discovered, which will be detailed later, but for now, it's time to get going on the back of the sweater... and this is knitting frenzy time. Frenzy, I tell you! It's kinda scary how a cable this complicated suddenly becomes simple; it's also scary how easy it was to read where to put the decreases for the waist shaping, the armholes, everything!

Here I am this morning, about 1/4 way up the back (which is all I've managed to do over the last four days, since I haven't had any knitting time except my commute in - I keep getting motion-sick on the way home).

Since none of *my* lawyers are in today, and I'm only helpling people-I-don't-usually-work-with once my filing is done for the day, I'll be knitting at my desk. I need about three pattern repeats to get to the shoulder decreases; that should be doable by the end of today (there's ANTM and Biggest Loser to watch tonight!), and once I hit the shoulders, I should have something looking almost completely sweater-like (if in pieces) by post-time Friday.


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