Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Astronomy - Done!

Woohoo, I got another class finished! The assignment for Astronomy: "Cast your gaze towards the heavens and produce a HPKCHC acceptable project that interprets one of the magnificent sights found in the Astronomy Universe." Well, that said "pretty star ornament" to me, so I made a set. It's a pretty easy crochet pattern, I think - but I'm using too-big hook, or too-big thread, since mine are much fluffier than the ones depicted in the pattern. But I like them anyway! Naturally, since they're silver stars, I put green ribbon hangers on them. Slytherin colors, you know.

They worked up quickly. Tucking in the ends required a size 14 crochet hook, but I made it work! Before blocking, all fluffy:

During blocking, such as it was:

It wasn't so much "blocking" as carefully tracing every single line with a thin film of Tacky Glue which, as advertised, dries clear. I also followed the advice on the pattern and blocked on a piece of waxed paper, and thank heavens I did! Otherwise, I'd have pretty ornaments glued to a piece of cardboard, which wasn't the goal at all. I could've used sugarwater, of course, but given that we've finally exorcised all the rodents from the house, I don't want anything that might read as "food" out where they might smell it!

Anyway, I really like these little guys, and will definitely use this pattern again. And maybe even get them to look like they should next time!!

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