Monday, November 15, 2010

History of Magic - Done!

One - I have finally started knitting the swatches for Masters Level I Hand Knitting!! I started last Wednesday, when I desperately needed a break from wire wrangling. It's kinda cool how much my knitting has improved over the last sixteen months, since I first got my Level I packet!

Two - I was wrangling wire. Knitting wire is one of those "needs practice, and lots!" skills. Crocheting wire, however, is actually pretty easy. Easy enough that, over the course of one (long) evening, I was able to crochet up all the wire I had (18.4 meters) into a lovely little wrist cuff, complete with pretty sparkly beads:

It's a very simple cuff: ch 40, sc in 2nd ch then sc across. Repeat, switching colors every so often. Once it's about the right size, with the darker wire, loop the beads every third sc (crosswise, so they stay on the outside of the cuff).

I really like the way it came out. I'm probably going to try doing this again, with both a larger and a smaller hook, to see if I can get something that actually looks more like Crochet Proper.

But for a Spiffy New Thing, I'm really liking the idea of being able to make pretty jewelry with skill-sets I already have! Doesn't hurt, either, that this is my History of Magic assignment - making something that celebrates the traditions of Goblin metalworking. More Points for Slytherin!


  1. Lovely! I really like how dainty it looks and the beading. I see you chose Slytherin colors! :-). By the way, there was a huge Quidditch tournament here in NYC this weekend!

  2. Yeah, I saw it on the (European) news Saturday Night! Very cool!!


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