Friday, November 5, 2010

I got nothing, so... YARN IN THE NEWS!

From the Washington Post's Reliable Source: "Meg Whitman spent a staggering $175 million of her own eBay fortune in her unsuccessful bid to become governor of California.... With the $57 she spent on each vote, Whitman could have bought each voter . . .[list of items, including:] A skein of yarn, enough to knit a pair of socks, made from the underdown of the Alaskan musk ox, the warmest fiber in the world"

Yes, knitters, that's right - she could've bought everyone some Quiviut!!!

(Better posts next week, I promise! I'll have knitting done then!)


  1. Oh my Bob. That's some perspective.

  2. Or, even better, she could have housed California's homeless. What a cretin.


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