Thursday, November 11, 2010

Defense Against the Dark Arts - Done!

It's Veteran's Day in the US (and Armistice Day and Rememberance Day elsewhere); the Moment of Silence is at 11:11am, so we can think about the War to End All Wars, and be thankful for the men and women who've fought to protect us and our freedoms when that war didn't turn out to be the last one. I crocheted a poppy last night, to wear today:

And here I am, wearing it. (Slightly pre-dawn outdoor lighting and a very small megapixel phone camera make for blurry photos. But that's me.)

I also turned in some homework yesterday:

We had to come up with something that would protect us from Fiendfyre this time, and I've had flame mitts in my queue FOREVER. So...
Fiendfyre is actually is partially-sentitent fire, and, as such, can be very difficult for the caster to control. Feindfyre will pursue anything it can burn (including the caster, if they're not careful to maintain control!) for more fuel. It will incinerate *anything*. There is no counter-curse effective against it; but, as my Mama always said, "Fight Feindfyre with Feindfyre". Like all fires, Feindfyre seeks to dominate everything around it, including other fires. Waving bright flames in its face will get its attention (again, be careful here), and give it a target that it will center on and attempt to destroy (unless the caster has the level of control of a Pyromancer First Class - and, well, let's hope none of us ever run into one of those). Once the Feindfyre centers on such an irresistable target, it will keep burning until its target is consumed - or until it burns itself out.

Indestructable Flame Mittens (above) are such an irresistable target. They are most effective when tossed quickly into a (hopefully) stone room containing Feindfyre - you *don't* want to be wearing them when you draw the Feindfyre's attention. While the Feindfyre will burn itself out attacking the mittens - thank heavens for the "only partially-sentient" part - there is a 73% probability that you'll be burned to ash in the process. If you're one of the lucky 17%, however, you'll probably never have to buy yourself a Butterbeer ever again!

Adding this pic again, since it's truer to the Actual Colors. (And yes, thePoppy is made from the same yarn.) Whee! Mittens!!

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