Monday, November 30, 2009

Masters Monday: Week 27

Okay, so, four day weekend, I should get a lot done, right? How you define "a lot" depends on your individual situation, I always say. I will thus stretch this report out over several days.

Let's start with the knitting stuff.

I pulled out all my stuff for Masters Level I again, and discovered several things.
  1. The missing Swatch #13 and Swatch #15 have not resurfaced.
  2. Knitting has recommenced on Swatch #13.

    Now, what I've discovered is that I can do a pretty nice cable cast on, and my cables themselves look pretty good. The problem is the one knit stitch to the left and the right of the purl stitches; it tends to alternate tight and loose (tight for the stitch made on the WS; loose on the RS). It's taken some work, but I've figured out how to handle the tension there. The edges still look OK, so I haven't forgotten much. I'm about to snip the yarn on this practice swatch, and cast on for The Real Thing. Yay?
  3. The hat... is in some ways lovely. The switches from color to color aren't that bad, and the ribbing is pretty nice and even. But here and there, there are half-dropped stitches, which leave little fuzz-loops on the outside of the hat, and they just don't look pretty. So I'll have to reknit it.
  4. For an imperfect hat, its pretty warm; I'm wearing it right now. I think I'm going to have to weave in the ends and give it to my mother, though; she was eyeing it yesterday.
  5. I really need to take a couple of days and just finish all this!
Wednesday looks good, I think.

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