Friday, November 13, 2009

I do too finish stuff. Sometimes.

Well, here's something I finished in the 70s, and just unearthed. I'm pretty sure it was a Girl Scout project. I cleverly combined pale yellow and black threads to make the eagle look "more real". I'm guessing I only had four colors of thread. I'm tempted to frog the whole thing and do it again better, but when the heck would I find the time? Plus, IT'S DONE.

Here's an item from The List. I started it shortly before my BFF's first wedding in 1998, and she does want it finished, dammit. So, I'm working on it about as fast as I have been for the past decade. What I've noticed is that I'm a MUCH better stitcher now. Not that things back then didn't look good, but I distinctly recall this pattern taking forever (and being really, really tricky!) the first time I did it (early 90s, for my college roomie & her new husband - I finished it the night before the wedding, and framed it myself before heading over to her house for the ceremony), and this one is done on smaller-count fabric, and I'm changing up the colors a LOT. (It's supposed to be all pink roses; her colors were primary yellow, red, and blue). Instead of the dates of the wedding (or the marriage), I've decided to put in a little Bible verse that should make her giggle.

Now, since I started the Trilobite Hat from Knitty, I'm back up to 53 UFOs. But I still think I'll manage to finish four things before the end of the year!! I WILL GET UNDER 50!!!

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  1. That's a lot of X's in the rose piece. It will be very pretty when finished.


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