Friday, November 6, 2009

Starts and Finishes.

Finished something, and something ended. First, the finish. Not in time to up the numbers for October (although I did unravel some socks I'd started, so I did 'finish' seven things in October), but we're off to a good start in November. This is Teresa Wentzler's Tropical Dream Sampler. According to The List, I started it in 2006. I've had everything but the 1-over band, the woven band and the cutwork done since 2006, I think - as it only took two days to get the rest of it done, I'm wondering why I'd put it aside in the first place. (Probably something shiner and newer, and 50% odds it was also a Teresa Wentzler design!) Anyway, here it is:

This brings my UFO count down to 52, the lowest it's been probably since the second year I started being a Serious Stitcher!

Now, the Ending. As I reported on Tuesday, the amazing Teresa Wentzler is closing down her design business. This is a very sad thing for the world of cross-stitch, because there's always this little "oooooo...." when anyone announces that they've actually finished A Wentzler. I actually got a ribbon (!!!) at the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition a few years back for my version of her Harvest Sampler (the kit for which I got on eBay from someone in Belgium!). There are currently four Wentzlers on The List (The Castle Sampler, my oldest UFO, started in 1992, but it Will Get Finished Dammit!; Day, which I've started, which goes with Night, which I have not; Night Watch, a lovely unicorn-outside-a-window on 32ct black linen, which my husband picked out as the Thing I Should Stitch For Him when we got married... I've since bought a print of the artwork from Teresa and given that to him, as a placeholder for the eventual unicorn-on-cloth; and Peacock Tapestry, since I love all things peacock-y. Plus, I've got kits, charts and patterns for another three dozen. (Why yes, I do have a copy of practically every chart she's ever designed.)

The cross-stitch world will really, really miss TW's contributions to it!

Tiny SoapBox: To anyone selling COPIES of her charts on eBay and other file sharing services, I hope the Karma gets you, bigtime. I'm not the only blogger who thinks the thieves hurt, and ultimately did in, her bottom line. And yes, if you sell or buy a photocopy/digital scan of something that's got a copyright, you're a thief, it is *not* covered under "fair use" and yes, it does put the designers out of business. You're probably not reading this, but the Karma is still out there, and it'll bite you.


  1. You know I love your hamster....

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Keep plugging away at some of the others. :)

    I second the karma thing on those who put designers out of business. One day, you will get what is coming. :)



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