Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 26 - pretend there's progress. I do.

Here's a post I was hoping to actually post a month or so ago. There aren't any photos, because none of it has actually happened yet. But I have hope that it will over vacation....
Hallowe'en was a quiet day at our house, so I pulled out the knitting, and tried to get a good swatch each of missing swatches, #13 and #15 (the single-cross cable and the "your choice" cable). All the cable things to remember! Same number of rows before and after, pull tighly so the left side of the cable isn't floppy, cross with the needle points so it doesn't look awful... gah! But I managed. And then, back in the groove, here are my babies, blocking:


And then, the Weaving In. I could do half of them on the board at a time, so happy little swatches 1-8 got pinned to plastic-coated cardboard with specially-obtained stainless steel pins, and were doused with water and set in front of the fan, and once they dried, they became tail-less (and their temporary tags pinned to them carefully).

[IMAGE OF Completely completed swatch]

Then, the careful storing with their temporary tags. Arenda, goddess of the Basics, Basics, Basics class said that Side Loading Pages were fine for swatches that kept trying to escape, but mine stayed in their top-loaders just fine. I'll be using the side-load pages for all the questions, report, and other paper, so I won't be out the cost. Managed to find a nice, lightweight binder, too - I know trying to keep postage costs down is key.

So, that's a big part of the work done. Now, I just need to do the darned tags, deal with The Hat, and finish the writing up. (!!)
See, it's a nice little fantasy, and it might actually happen someday!

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  1. It sounds like something I want to follow up on your blog. I have a GREAT imagination reading this! Love the pictures! ;)


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