Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Yarn LNS: A Dangerous Place

So, several Fridays ago, I wandered into Fibre Space (hey, it happens!), to get some DK cotton for the Nancy Bush workshop that Sunday, since I'd very cleverly stored most of my yarn in a storage unit and then proceeded to give myself a nasty abdominal strain so I can't actually shift anything around in said storage unit for a while. I emerged with two balls of the softest, loveliest alpaca blend that is *just* the perfect color for my husband's eventual Trilobite Hat,

and hopefully for his stuffed Trilobite, as well. (The Trilobite Socks... will be for next year.) Somehow, I wound up with some size 3 DPNs (Darn Pretty Needles) that I didn't really need, but they really were Darn Pretty.

There was also a small ordering accident at Nature's Yarns during the Nancy Bush workshop, wherein I will eventually get a copy of The Enchanted Sole, nicely chronicled by Franklin Habit over on his blog. Picked that up from Nature's Yarns on Saturday - amazing book. Then, this past Thursday, I had to work late, so my boss-who-knits DROVE ME TO Fibre Space (!!!)

so I got to see the Ori Ami Knits trunk show, picked up three more skeins of Silky Wool in Flourite Blue (just in case, or, for a matching tam) for Elizabeth I, a ball winder, and a really lovely shawl pin

from DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers). Um, ignore the Pop Tart in the corner; I just discovered "stickers" on Photobucket.

I just shouldn't be allowed in knitting stores.


  1. It is dangerous to walk into those yarn shops. I know.

    Love the shawl pin! It's so pretty. Can't wait to see how the hat turns out!


  2. Technically it isn't your fault. You have an addiction and there isn't a 12 step program for it.


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