Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rabbit Day!

Today is Rabbit Day. (Okay, not really, but...) You see, I have now hit the point of Daily Rabbit Count =Thirty Rabbits Knitted, and I just have 28 more to put together. This is a rabbit with its paws finished, but no head yet. Looks like a rabbit suit or baby footiesuit or something.

Hopefully, more rabbit sewing will happen soon, since I only have five days left in the month to reach the official 30 Rabbits in 30 Days goal. I had forgotten, until this morning, the EAR PROBLEM. I have two complete rabbits (with ears - that's four), all six other ears needed for white rabbits, four ears for grey rabbits, and the two chenille brown ears. I have to knit 44 more rabbit ears, as well as all the sewing... YIKES!!

But, just in case I finish early, I've got two other sewing projects.

I got my Ravelry loot last week, and let me tell you something about the "fitted" American Apparel t-shirts. "XL" means "Size 8". Remember this when ordering. I am not a size 8 at the present time, but want my cool shirt. So, last weekend, I found an *actual* XL t-shirt that matched the pink of the "Ravelry.com" on the back of the shirt. I then snipped off the sleeves and snipped up the side-seams of the Bob shirt, and got stuck on just how to deconstruct the insane amount of seaming across the back of the neck and the tops of the sleeves. I think it will take actual deconstruction, rather than just snipping. On the other hand, that should give me the extra fabric I need for around the neck (I hope). Yes, I'm totally winging this.

Eventually, I'll have a custom Bob-Yarnpile shirt that I can wear to work!

The other is more mundane and wifely: I get to figure out how to repair my husband's new shirt.

Thankfully, there's probably an embroidery stitch that was first used for repairs - I just have to figure out which one it is!


  1. I would just cut out the bob and use him as an aplique. Then again, I'm lazy at sewing.

  2. I would also have used the bob as an applique', no making clothes for me. ;) I'm an artist of fiber not a seamstress. The rabbits are not as big as I was expecting.


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