Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My favorite knitting photo so far...

In between the frantic Rabbit Knitting and the attempt to actually finish Hint #8 of Secret of the Stole II, the Noro Mobius Scarf jumped (completely unassisted, I swear!) onto my pretty new needles. Since I'm a loose knitter I knit loosely, I cast on 51 stitches, and that'll give me a nice width for a headscarf-ish thing. K1,p1,k1,p1.... and so on. This constitutes "almost mindless knitting" - truly mindless knitting being either the purl rows of SotS-II (I purl faster than I knit) or the stockinette Rabbit Squares. I actually kinda had to pay attention at first, but after a few stripes, I was just flying along. I hope to have the whole thing knitted up in time to wear it before the second snow. (Since the first snow is supposedly going to fall today, I'm not going to make THAT deadline!)

This is also going to be the Waiting Project. Did I mention I'm now categorizing my projects? There's the Transit Project, which is Secret of the Stole II, seen here at the end of its third ball of yarn:

There's the Couch Project, which is the 30 Rabbits in 30 Days, the deal being knit only rabbits on the couch until and unless I am at least two rabbit-days ahead. (I'm presently, as of this morning, done with 16 rabbits, so there's more rabbit knitting in my immediate couch-future.) Then there's the Waiting Project, the Noro Mobius Scarf. This is for doing while waiting for the bus, waiting for my ride, waiting for the train - times where picking up the other portable project (SotS-II) just won't work well. As of this morning, I was able to take what is possibly my favorite picture of my knitting ever:

See? The blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the orange of the leaves on the tree, plus the strong "stripes" of the shadows on the bridge... I mean, the setting just screamed out to have this scarf-scrap held up before it whilst it was recorded for posterity. I am all a-squeal about this photo, and I'm just wishing I had my *real* camera (and the yellow filter) to get a publishable image, with the real vibrancy of the colors that were there. But this will do, and I still love it!

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