Thursday, October 11, 2007

V-a-c-a-t i o n

As predicted, posting from home takes FOREVER. If I post at all, it will only be at four am or so, when we can get a (relatively) clear line...

Secret of the Stole
Spent all day yesterday curled up and knitting. Six rows left on Hint #1, and I'm soooooo glad I got the new coppery pearls. They look fantastic with this yarn. Not sure how I'm feeling about the pattern this far (evidently, I like my lace lacier than the end has been), but I'm liking the colors enough to stick with it.
Peacock Scarf
Um... nothing. Not until I finish those six rows.
The Cat Sweater
Again, nothing. But I have my six stitch holders, so I can finish the body. Don't know if I'm going to finish it in time for the Crazy Aunt Purl contest, but I'll have a fun cardigan for fall, now that it's finally here!
Sweetwater Knitters tonight, see folks there.
Sitches East tomorrow, see folks there. Look for the hot pink cabled poncho!

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