Saturday, October 13, 2007

Knittery Vacation

Okay, having lots of fun so far. Pictures to follow, assuming I remember to wake up at 4:00 tomorrow (Sunday) morning, so I can have something resembling a reasonable connection speed.

Sweetwater Knitters:
Got to meet a very small portion of the group: Ally, Vicky, Nicky, Jane and the woman who was also doing SotS, which thrilled me so much that I forgot her name entirely. Looking forward to meeting more this coming week - when Stitches East isn't competing with the event.
Stitches East:
Ran totally amok. Ran through all my cash, then I charged about $50 and my mom about $80. But worth it. I have enough stuff for five incredible projects now... photos of loot to follow.
Other running amok:
Ran through Fairfax Fall Festival before it opened, thus managing to say "hi" to all the vendors we knew, and yet managing to not spend anything. (They all know where we live, anyway.) Then, off to the George Mason Regional Library, where I managed to drop another $25 on books I would've bought full price and several out-of-print sheet music sets and pattern books. Yay, more patterns!
Small Press Expo:
Heading up now. This is The Boy's big event for the month, and I have to go take pics of hm and his favorite artists/writers. But, since I'm one of the writers/artists too, it's fun for me. Yay!
There will be pictures soon, I promise!

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