Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have a wallet-cam again!

I found TinyCam! It was in a very, very safe place in plain sight: hidden in a clear orange plastic ID holder. Which completely hid the orangeness of TinyCam from view, tiny electronic chameleon that it is. Thus, today's pictures are a bit fuzzy, as she doesn't process flourescent light very well, but it's better than the no-pictures alternative.

So, you've all probably not been wondering what the view out my office window looks like.
Of course, I work in the Keys, and the veranda with its attendant palm trees is just outside...
Yeahright. That's the painting next to my desk. Here's the actual view from my desk, through my boss's door... don't you think the bars on the window are a nice touch?
Oh well. Away from reality, and back to knitting. Over at Flint Knits again, and she mentioned that someone had mentioned Dental Floss as a lifeline for knitted lace. Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. And the dentist keeps giving me little things of dental floss every visit that just have 3 yds in them (which makes no sense at all, given that I have a gajillion-yards-plus of the stuff in my medicine cabinet, but he insists). Wouldn't that just be perfect?

I did/did not remember to bring the Alchemy Haiku to have it balled up at the store. (Did I mention there's a nice little high-end yarn store two blocks from where I work? Yes, yes, you all hate me now, I know.) I found my TinyCam, so today's pictures are shot in ultra-low resolution with that. I remembered everything, in fact, except my cell phone and my allergy medication. *sigh* So, I'm sniffly and out of contact with the world. *sigh again*

Visible progress on the Cat Sweater! You can actually read the whole phrase now!


Kitty Kitty
I will get to the shoulders tonight! Or at least up to where I'll need stitch holders. Drat. I wonder where all my stich holders are? Oh well, I'm going to Stitch DC at lunch to get my yarn wound, I guess I'll pick up some new ones there!

And don't forget... Secret of the Stole Clue #1 drops tomorrow!!

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  1. Here Kitty kitty,...I love it. Will you make the deadline? It looks soooo good so far!


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