Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Camera(phone)!

I spent some time yesterday running through all the blogs I've got listed at the right, seeing what people have been up to and looking at all the pretty pictures. Yay! I love seeing what everyone has going. Even though I don't comment that often, I try to hit everyone at least twice a week, just in case there's something wonderful I haven't seen yet.

Speaking of pretty pictures, here's up-to-the-second progress of the Rose Romance Sweater:

"Up-to-the-second?", you ask... "What's up with that?"

I got a new camera - the Samsung Juke. The shiny red one.

  1. I don't have to take pictures, switch the card out of the camera, carry the card to the convenient computer, futz with it, and upload it. Just futzing and uploading!
  2. Pictures will much more closely indicate actual progress, since they'll probably be taken at my desk at work.
  1. The color balance isn't so hot, and while I can fix that on Photobucket at home, the whole point is to keep the home computer out of it.
  2. Resolution isn't up to my usual 7MPX, but my camera is much, much larger than this phone. I'll live.
  3. I can only send myself (or others) 250 pictures a month. But I only seem to average around a hundred, anyway, so that should be OK.
This means if I actually get more knitting done during the day today, I could concieveably post again!

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  1. Your Rose Romance sweater is going to be gorgeous! I adore that yarn...enjoy!


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