Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I can't actually predict the future, as it turns out.

The Cat Sweater Lives!
or, The Misadventures of Two Pounds of Yarn

I think that would make a fun book title, if I ever actually wrote a book on knitting. While I'm planning to write a book about a knitter (well, a young, single female mechanic at a midwest theme park who is also a knitter) in November, I don't really ever see myself doing a book on knitting. My patterns are a bit too fly-by-night to be taken seriously, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has pretty much cornered the market on Knitting Humor. But if I was going to write a knitting book, it'd be something like that.

Found something to do with the Alchemy Haiku. The Summer Shawlette from Interweave Knits (if the link doesn't work, the is pattern available if you're on The List for Knitting Daily, or, heck, it was in the magazine at some point), the link to which was on Pam's blog, over at Flint Knits (she's also doing the Peacock Feather Shawl, which I've done... twice now?), which I found through Carrieoke's knitblog. Yes, I know, there's a link to KnittingDaily right on my own sidebar. But this was a much more fun way to find it! And, in addition to Pam's blog, I also discovered Marguerite's, Stitches of Violet. Yay, more fun reading!

Back to the Cat Sweater. I'm 2.5 rows of pawprints from The End of the first phase of the sweater. (Sweaters have, you see, four phases. Phase I: the body; Phase II: the sleeves; Phase III: the finishing; Phase IV: the wearing.


You'll note that the finished sweaters you've been seeing of late really only exist because there is no Phase II. I really feel like stitching that on a t-shirt: "This garment exists because there is no Phase II." You and I would be the only ones who got it, but that would be OK. I do a lot of things that very few people get - no one would bat an eyelash over yet another strange Gryphon-y thing.

...about that Alchemy Yarn. Did I mention I accidentally started the Summer Shawlette? I didn't mean to, the yarn just fell on my needles again. Second time in a month, too... I've got to figure out how it's doing that.

Just to let you in on the secret: I wrote most of this entry yesterday, and minimally tweaked it today. It's really sad that I can predict my knitting behavior - and misbehavior - so well...

*edit: Actually, I can't predeict the future. Or, rather, I can't prove it. I have no pictures of the Cat Sweater, and I didn't start the Summer Shawlette, nor can I do so until at least tomorrow. My camera has died... and I lost the other one. The first, a lovely little Minolta digicam, has lasted for about three years. Something's gone squiffy with its light sensor; sometimes, it's fine; today, it's not. My other one is my TinyCam:

TinyCamSide View
Wallet Sized!
Very, very, tiny

I can't find TinyCam anywhere. It's not in the wallet where it's lived for the last X years, but this may be a good thing, as said wallet is really a bunch of leather vaguely held together by its lining at this point. But it's not in the immediate environs of the wallet, either. And, because I was looking for TinyCam, I totally forgot to bring my Alchemy Haiku to borrow the swift & baller at the Georgetown Stitch DC. No pictures, no lace yarn, no fun whatsoever.

And I finally finished the "HERE" on the Cat Sweater to show you, too. *pout*

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