Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Return of the Knitaholic

First, I redid the Britney sweater.
Here's the sweater as I finished it the first time.
And here's the photo I knew I had of me reknitting it the day we went to Stitches East...
Scroll down to yesterday's entry, and I'm wearing the new version - with the actual finished-with-ribbing armholes and neck, as per the actual pattern! Yay!
Next, the Cat Sweater.
I did a LOT of work on the Cat Sweater during my ten days off, not that you can really tell. *sigh*

I did get up to the shoulders, and seamed them, and cut the right-side sleeve steek.

See? It's a hole!

I then got 2/3 of the way down the sleeve (with cute little heart on sleeve right over my bicep and everything!) before deciding it was too bloody wide. So, I unraveled... have you ever unraveled two-color knitting? Good way to drive yourself insane, right? Of course it is! If you ever really want to drive anyone nuts, have them unravel some two-color knitting for you. Or go for broke, and give 'em three. Guaranteed basket-case in three small balls of yarn... if they get that far.

Anyway, I stitched up the bottom bit of the steek so it doesn't show, and cast on again, recentering for five pawprints instead of the previous eight. The decreases went from four per pawprint to two, due to many less stitches, so there will be more "block color" showing on the underarms.

I'm quite discouraged by this, as it's highly unlikely I will finish the Cat Sweater in time for the contest. On the other hand, my mother found some incredibly soft matching tan microfiber for the lining, so I'm totally finishing it before it gets cold. Which, given the way we're going this year on the mid-Atlantic coast, will be some time in January... if we're lucky. (If we're not, we don't get winter at all this year. Darned "global warming" debate!)

This is as far as I got last night:
And finally, the Caron SuperSoft accident that fell on the accidentally-bought short size 3 bamboo needles.
You see, there was this lovely romantic sweater in the North Country catalog:

Seeing it, I thought to myself (as we're all wont to do from time to time): "I could make that myself!"

Fast forward to not being able to stay at the Renaissance Faire on Sunday due to conditions beyond my control, and a buying binge at Michael's happened.

Included in the binge were a cool little one-skein tote, size three short bamboo needles, and five skeins of Caron SuperSoft in Dusky Rose. Evidence of the binge (and related inability to not start knitting SOMETHING when faced with too many fun new options) can be seen here:
I should, of course, have also purchased little tiny cable needles. No-cable needle cables are easy with worsted weight on size ten needles. DK on size threes? Not so much!
More on Other Knitted Things tomorrow, assuming I get off work on time (HA!) and relax enough to pick something up once I get home...


  1. That rose sweater looks lovely. I can't wait to see it. I saw a version in the new Lion Brand catalog, but they have burned me one too many times. I'll keep checking to see how this one goes. It just looks so flattering and feminine...

  2. I'm so impressed that you saw a pretty thing and knew you could make one on your own--wowie!


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