Monday, March 19, 2012

Radiance Shawl: Done!

So, as of Friday, slogging on Order Mission. It's due this coming Saturday, and since (as of Friday) I only had five rows and a cast off left, that shouldn't have been a problem, right? WRONG. that's 15% of the shawl, believe it or not! It's garter stitch, so it goes quickly - for 750+ stitch rows. The yarn/pattern really hangs on itself well because the yarn is so springy - so I've decided NOT to block it. When the cast is off and the ends are wove, that will be it.

But here it is Friday:

I'm not certain I have enough yarn left in this ball, but I bought three because it was going to be close; I figure the row before cast-off is where I'll need to joint the whole new ball. (The leftovers of that ball will be a second Ashton Shawlette, I think.)

I was really REALLY hoping to finish this this past weekend..... AND I DID!!!!

I did, in fact, run out of yarn on the second-to-last row, so I spliced in the new ball and did an EXTRA row, just so there would be two rows between the splice and the cast-off. I ended up doing a crocheted picot border (crochet co 2 st, ch5, crochet co 5st, repeat to end, end with 2 co), and it worked great, and with a bit of poking each loop with a large knitting needle, even *that* didn't need blocking. Seriously. Ready-to-wear shawl! (Also, I love the Wild Hare Galaxy yarn I used to make it. I'll be doing another Dee O'Keefe pattern out of the leftover 480 yards, and hoping to find more Wild Hare Galaxy in the future!).

(Also, I'm making another one of these eventually.)


  1. Beautiful!! I really like the length.

  2. Me, too. I decided not to block it because it was hitting Just Right!


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