Friday, March 16, 2012


So, I'm slogging away on my Radiance Shawl for my Order Mission. It's due next Saturday, and since I've only got five rows and a cast off left, that should be no problem, right? WRONG. that's 15% of the shawl, believe it or not! It's garter stitch, so it goes quickly - for 750+ stitch rows. The yarn/pattern really hangs on itself well because the yarn is so springy - so I've decided NOT to block it. When the cast is off and the ends are wove, that will be it.

But here it is in its final hours:

I'm not certain I have enough yarn left in this ball, but I bought three because it was going to be close; I figure the row before cast-off is where I'll need to joint the whole new ball. (The leftovers of that ball will be a second Ashton Shawlette, I think.)

I'm really REALLY hoping to finish this this weekend. Slytherin needs the points, and it's getting to be lovely shawl weather out there!

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