Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muggle Studies - Surprise!

I unexpectedly did a class Tuesday morning from some yarn that one of the ladies at work gave me. "Unexpectedly", since I wasn't sure I'd actually finish in a day - but I did! Anyway, here's the little critters I turned in:
Options: 1, something In Threes - 2, something green.
Project Page: Three Shamrock Bookmarks
Yards: about 25 apiece, so 75 total (with a bit more for the four-leafed one, but call it 75 anyway lest Maths become involved)

These are made with an EYEBLEED chartreuse yarn, so they don't really photograph well if there's any light in the room. (You see the problem.) This is probably the best shot:

These are really quick, if you need something fast & green to wear on Saturday!!

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