Monday, March 12, 2012

Ear* be Dragons!

Here's my dragon hat WITHOUT ears or horns:

... and here it is all finished:

For CoMC, we had the option: "Make something popular in Britain" - so the following is the blather that supported my wish to make a Toothless hat (from How to Train your Dragon).

Defense of Position: There's the obvious - a dragon on the Welsh flag (which dates back to around 650 AD!!), and there are dragons all over Celtic and Celtic-inspired artwork, historically and today.Two quick internet seraches with british/london dragon revealed a goodly number of pubs around London with "Dragon" in the name, together with the mad proliferation of George and Dragon British Pubs in America - so Dragon is certainly a popular component of British Pub Names. Covent Garden has a Dragon Hall (which has shown the St. George and the Dragon panto). At least one of the boundary markers of the City of London is a dragon:

And then there's this... and we all know that Harry Potter is popular in Britain, and there are definitely dragons associated therewith:

So... I'm going to say Dragons are indeed popular in Britan, and thus I made a Dragon Hat!


*Joke for the G+ crowd.

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