Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got a new toy...

I don't know if writing counts as a craft, but if it does... I got a new toy!!

It's super-lightweight, was on sale (it's discontinued, but if you want one, see if there are any left here), and does more - but weighs less - than my Dana, and it helps that I don't have to convert my files once I write. And that I can see more than three lines of text at a time. Don't get me wrong - I finished a couple of books using my little Dana... but I have a new toy now. Plus, it's red and shiny, and I can play all the Spider Solitaire I want...! And did I mention TINY? It fits in the front pocket of my backpack. Which is not large. This is a very cool little gadget for me - and since we got NortonAV for it, it's actually a computer for me. Right now, we have a REAAALY old Mac and dial-up at home; this lets me haunt the local library and get stuff done on weekends, rather than having to deal with reeeeeaaaaaallllly slow internet. Yay!.

Yes, my Spinning Wheel got a wee bit delayed by this. But this, I'm using now... the Spinning Wheel is still in the dream stage.


  1. I have the version made by a different manufacture and LOVE it. I just got a larger monitor to hook it to at home so now I am totally set.

  2. Penmanship counts as a craft, I don't think writing does per se...but there are lots of toys that don't have to do with crafts, and you can be crafty through your new toy either in prose or otherwise. So...congratulations! And color me jealous.

  3. Shiny and red makes it a even better toy.


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